Reflection & Plan – Paulino

After the presentation day was done, I spent at least two more weeks after that pondering and replaying in mind how my presentation went. At the beginning of the presentation I was so nervous that my tongue got all tangled that I wasn’t even speaking a real language; but after I got into it, everything went more smooth. By seeing the panel’s initial reaction when I was presenting, I felt like I was speaking in another language. I thought they were not understanding my presentation. But I was wrong, since I got good feedback from them. So I guess they  did understand my proposal.
The main comment, which I knew I was going to get and I know I should have fixed it before presenting, was when Professor Carl said that the water in my visual experiments was more as the canvas and not the medium as I said. Making the water as my medium is the challenge that I want to take for next semester. Just how I controlled all the other mediums in my experiments, I want to control water in a visual manner. I might have to use something that simulates water in order to do this.
Another comment that if I do apply it might make my work more successful or functional (not sure if this is the word I should be using) was also by Professor Carl and I think Professor Meranda told to do so as well before. I should consider of instead making the visuals still, I should try making my project in video. Using video will help my project become vivid. Water is constantly moving and showing this will make the experience more real.
Other things that I have to take in consideration is “What is the take-away? What do I want to offer people? What kind of experience—what kind of behavior do I want people to change?” I know that I want people to experience water in a different way and convey that visually to evoke emotions on them, but I have to figure out what is the reason behind it. I do know that I want them to experience water as I do, but that can’t only be it. However, I also think that there is nothing wrong with it just being simply entertainment. I use water to relax and calm myself down. So maybe the emotion that I want to evoke on people is joy, or happiness, or calmness.
Before I figure all that out, the one feedback that I want to take into action as soon as possible is to interview other people about how they feel about water. I think it is going to give me not only others perspective on water experience but also other helpful ideas. My own opinion is not enough for me to start this project.
I have a lot of work to do.
Dic 7-10
Interview People
Dic 11
Analyze Interviews & Extract Ideas
Jan 13 – 27
Experimentation Time
Jan 28 – Feb 4
Test Experiments on People
Feb 8 – 16
Analyze Experiments and Apply Feedback
Feb 17 – March 3
Start Making Senior Project

My Reflection

Now that the scary part is over I look back and I feel good about it all. I appreciate what the panelists had to say. I thought that some of the questions were relevant, like about my research and trying to understand more about my topic. As I said before in class, I did not appreciate one of the judges on the panelist stating that this excluded other ethnicities. I personally feel like she missed my point in the beginning saying that, and I kind of felt as if the whole situation was like the #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter deal. Although I was irritated,  I took the initiative to talk to her after my presentation to let her know where I stand with my topic. She understood me better and I was able to understand her point better as well.

Besides all of that, I think I know where to go now with my project and the panelists definitely helped me with their feedback. I am excited to receive poems and dive into them and visually express them. As much as I excited to begin the project, I am nervous to see where my project goes.

Malik_Reflection & Plan

Looking back on my senior proposal presentation, I can say that it went pretty well. While nervous at first, stammering, speeding, as well as having some technical problems, I was able to easily find my comfortable spot, rhythm and found myself more passionate about my topic in efforts to convince and draw the panel in.

While the majority of the panel enjoyed my presentation, I found Zachary Filberts response the most interesting. He, being a industrial designer, was deeply intrigued by my proposal. What took my back was the fact that I personally, am interested in industrial myself, and that he being exactly that, was able to pick up not only my proposal, but what I personally am interested and intrigued by as well.

I appreciated that the panel also enjoyed my visual presentation, as I wanted my presentation to greatly not only reflect information, but the tone, mood, and emotion that I was working in creating and evoking for my presentation.

This statement was made in the feedback I received: “I don’t think you need to force people to have a specific experience. Feel free to express the life of the rocks and the emotion of your experience. Allow people to feel that, and it was encourage a response in them, but allow that response to be natural and not forced.”

The beauty of the natural process, not only in relation to my rocks, but to the way in which I portray, evoke, and tell their stories and the relation between each, is something that I did not consider before, and this specific feedback of making the process and evocation natural both in the giving from the rock and the taking of the audience participation, is something that I will definitely take into consideration and work with next semester as well.

While I agree that when mentioned “visual experience,” I did not specify ways in how I would go about this, Professor Colpitts and Professor Carl’s confusions regarding this, was most definitely appropriate. An experience can encompass a reading (publication), photographs, and a space, the space being the one I am most interested in. This feedback made me step back and revaluate the overall essence, and impact of my project and where and what I truly wanted to create.

Professor Carl’s feedback on looking into artists like Gabriel Orozco, a Mexican artist who works with combining photography, sculpture, and installation, is someone that I know will come up time and time again in my final process next semester as well. On the other hand, he mentioned instead of giving “hope” to the viewer to walk away with a better idea of what I want to evoke, he pushed towards leaving them with more of a structure. I did not understand exactly what he meant by that statement.

Alice Lee was strong about using pure photography and light compositions etc. for my final project. Being a photography minor, I most definitely will enjoy using photography in my presentation, but do not want it to be pure photography, as I feel this project is an opportunity for me to be able to explore different mediums that I have not tried before, such as coding, installation, and experiential, while using components of video, sound, and photography.

Overall, I feel that my presentation went well in that I was successfully able to convey my project, while receiving constructive criticism to help me in my final project next semester!

Spring 2016 Plan

(Dates and information approximate and rough)


December 2015

  • I will be travelling back home to India this winter break. I want to take this time to not only continue to collect and expand my current rock collection but also be more intentional in my motives and drives. Keeping a journal (scientific journal) I want to document processes, locations, emotions, memories, etc. I hope this process will give me more information and “mass” to work with next semester.


January 2016

  • Week 2
    • Brainstorm and hone down components of my project.
    • Sketching, brainstorming, etc.
    • Start playing around with Adobe After Effects and TouchDesigner (Get comfortable)
  • Week 4
    • Select rocks I want to use for project
      • Variation of experiences
      • Variation of visuals
      • Variation of physical rocks
    • Gather audio, video, visuals etc.


February 2016

  • Week 2
    • Research and start on arduino board
      • Play around
      • Figure out how it works (get comfortable)
      • Buy it
    • Begin combining emotions and memories through visual expressions and sounds
  • Week 4
    • Combine After Effects/TouchDesigner with arduino board
    • Test with rocks (kitchen scale?)


March 2016

  • Week 2
    • Figure out space of presentation
      • Interaction, dimensions, overall atmosphere and literal “space)
    • Work on other components of project?
      • Postcards
      • Rock Info cards
      • Rocks quotes
  • Week 4
    • Bring together all aspects of project


April 2016

  • Week 2
    • Print out whatever needs be
    • Makes sure everything is working
  • Week 4
    • Figure out all specs for final project in gallery?
    • Installation?


May 2016

  • Final Presentation

Nathan’s Reflections Dawg

I came out of the presentations not really having a clue as to how I felt about my project. I didn’t feel like I had gotten much of a response from the panel as to what they thought about my ideas or thinking, rather I was upset that they had really just asked me if I had done research.

I decided that I would chat with Meranda and actually try to figure out if my ideas were good and where I could even take them. I knew I wanted to incorporate photography, but not exactly how.

There is a specific photo that I have taken from my times in Belize that sort of sums up what I want to accomplish with this project. A photo of Mrs. Mendez cooking in her home, that captures both the raw and true culture of the country, but also has a sense of dignity and security in the life of the person portrayed.

I’ve thought about doing in-depth profiles on families, twenty-somethings, and kids. Maybe in some sort of publication, and possibly the start of a series that could expand and branch out to different times, or countries. Being sure to tell their story and educate, but in a way that dignifies and doesn’t call out for the compassion of others.

I recently had brought up my idea to a friend of mine in San Antonio, and she really liked what I had to say and intend on doing in my project. It was weird to explain it all to her, because the project is meant to impact how people view her really. But she even offered to help me out in the process of it which is nothing but good news and should help me really be sure my information is accurate.

The one problem I think I will face, is gathering the content I want in the time I have in Belize. I’ll be there for a week, with probably a lot of other stuff going on. I’ll have to be intentional and plan ahead, and probably find a way to hop away from the missions crew here or there.

But yeah, we’ll see how it goes.

Baker Reflection and Timeline


After now being finished with this semester’s “Biggest Thing” It is now time to move on to the next stages of my project. My initial thoughts on the whole thing were, that I had done well because what I got from it was that they liked my idea. I also know that my personal story at the beginning was deep and impactful on the rest of my proposal. My presentation included all of my research which I had done,but i’m aware I messed up a question and made it come off like I might not have done research and was all personal experience knowledge. However after knowing that my idea of creating a youth educational program that will help preserve the sport and stewardship within fishing was a successful idea, i do now realize where I can use more research and narrow down my searching to how to educate teens more in a fun and interesting way.

I really found the feedback that will help finalize my final project and its direction useful. Such as the comment of what might be needed to focus in on the stewardship aspect, or focusing on a specific type of campaign.

What I would have liked to of heard was some feedback on the types of pieces that I would have in this project. I believe my final project will have multiple components to it. Possibly a lot of print material, but would like to somehow incorporate something beyond that, with something digital.

However I am pleased overall with what everyone had to say, it was all encouraging and with such a challenging project, I can use all the encouragement I can get.

Timeline Proposal